Children's Songbook Launch Party

The solemnly handing over of the Malawian Children's Songbook to our project partner will happen at the 16th of April 2016. 

A representative of the Ministry of Education (MOEST) in Lilongwe, the Malawian Institute of Education (MIE) in Domasi, the malawian Unicef, the musician and Chief Ben Mankhamba from Blantyre as well as all the Lecturers, practical field Teachers, Students and Children of the demonstration school are going be our guests. 

The programme contains multiple speeches combined with a lot of music by the Machinga TTC Band (which was prepared by our visiting students with the donated instruments). Also the singing of the students and children from the demonstrations school shall not be missing.

Malawian  Children's Songs

A Children Songbook by Kaambankadzanja, Lecturer at the Malawian Institute of Education in Domasi, Malawi, and Marc Wagner, lecturer at the IVP NMS in Bern got published. A small number of copies is now available in Switzerland. 

More will be printed in Blantyre, Malawi.

All the songs can be downloaded here.

The container arrived!

After a long and dangerous ride from Dar-Es-Salaam to Malawi, our container arrived on thursday, 12.03.15 in Salima. Afori Chipungu, the academy for expressive arts and our 3 exchangestudents brought the instruments as well as some office material from there to TTC.

Click here to get an impression of the new music room.

Our container for Malawi

The collected music instruments (keyboards, organs, pump organs, guitars, flutes, drums, xylophones..) were packed into a big container on November 29th. In collaboration with the project "Zpiatso Secondary School", which provided school supplies and footballs, we managed to fill the container.

It is now on its way from Antwerpen, Dar-es-Salam to Lilongwe in Malawi. It will probably arrive in Selima this January.

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